Your File Specifications And How To Get Started

We are here to help you every step of the way! Below are some basic file setup standards to assist you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us 


Acceptable File Formats – either Mac or PC 

  Adobe Illustrator 

  • For artwork requiring editing, package the file with all fonts used in the document. 
  • Embed all images and Package with linked images. 
  • When saving as .pdf, enable option to Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities. 


  Adobe InDesign 

  • Package the file and include all linked images and fonts. 


  Adobe Photoshop 

  • Include all layers, paths and channels. 
  • Please convert any other file types to .pdf (or .tiff where applicable). CAD files are not compatible with large format imaging equipment. Export as .pdf files prior to sending.  
  • All graphics requiring contour-cutting need to be converted to vectors 


Setup Guide 

Size and Scale 

  • Create your art at 100% whenever possible and have all links at 150 ppi at final size. If files need to be reduced to transfer efficiently, please create your layout at 25% or 50% of the final size.  
  • If your art is at 25% or 50% all components should be at 600 ppi (25%) and 300 ppi (50%) to print at high quality. 


Bleed and Tile 

  • Include 1/8” bleed all around. 
  • For graphics that install, we suggest the following bleed: 
    • Wallpapers – 2”
    • Vehicle Wraps – 4”
    • Banners – 1/4” for hems – more for pole pockets
    • Canvas Frames  – 4” 
    • Fabric – 2″ 
  • Any file that needs to be output in tiles must be created as one image. Do not tile yourself. Our software will tile your file automatically with the correct amount of overlap and settings that we require for outputting. If you require specific tiling, please let us know. 


  • Adobe Illustrator – convert text to outlines (save a version of your main file with text as a font for additional edits if needed later). 
  • Adobe InDesign – properly package to include all fonts used in the project. 



  • Set up document color mode to CMYK, including all files linked within your packaged document. 
  • For color-critical jobs, spot colors should be defined with CMYK formulas. If PMS colors are provided, we will have to bridge to CMYK formulas.  


Methods of Transfer

  • If files are too large for email, sending via WeTransfer, DropBox, Hightail, or your preferred provider are all acceptable.  
  • Be sure to include a low-res PDF of your complete layout so we can verify that all your links transfer properly. 
  • Email files to your Encore Visual account manager or to Be sure to note the job name in the subject line and include a low-res file of your layout that we can reference.